OUR STORY (Continued...)

me too in the #metoo era

We started in 1996 - long before people were openly advocating for women's rights in the workplace. Now we are proud to share a link with a movement that so forcefully champions and uplifts women. Being aligned to this cause has given our family owned business renewed focus and inspires us to create shoes that help women confidently put their best foot forward.

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From our team

Our team is built of women who drive our business and our values. We "walk the movement" by supporting and empowering women to feel comfortable and confident.


Stylish with Comfort

Our best selling items are our ballet flats, a company staple that embodies the “real woman” image of Me Too shoes. Features make them the perfect item for every day wear.


100% Handmade

Made from the highest quality product. We think about everything in our shoes - creating product that our customers keep coming back to.


Signature Footbed

You will never feel anything as remotely comfortable as these. Try them on and let us know.