About Us

Our mission

We believe fashion is here to bring that sparkle to our daily lives, and to bring us joy. The joy comes from our comfort that let's our customers enjoy them over and over, year after year. Fashion brings us joy, we hope it brings you joy too.

Our Team

Our team is built of women who drive our business and our values. We "walk the movement" by supporting and empowering women to feel comfortable and confident.

We love comfort

We started in 1996 - long before people were adding additional comfort to their flats. Now we are the leaders of comfort flats in footwear. We developed the "cloud" sock. Every MeToo pair is crafted using technology, minimizing and discomfort and fatigue you might feel.

Less Waste

Our factories are responsible for the disposal of all industrial waste and takes active measures to reduce any environmental pollution. All waste from the production is correctly disposed disposal of each product. We use 100% recyclable mesh and recyclable boxes on majority of MeToo items.