About Us Too Shoes

Me Too Shoes began in August 1996, when designer Adam Tucker with passion and determination bridged the gap between fashion and comfort in ladies’ footwear with his lovely line of ballet flats.  Recognizing the shoe lover in every woman, Me Too is dedicated to providing feminine fashion, endless comfort, and beautiful classic styles.  Understanding customer’s needs of not wanting to sacrifice style for comfort and the line now offers a full range of shoes from flats, boots, and sandals made in distinct materials, recognizable treatments, and flexible constructions.  

In 2013 the Adam Tucker collection was launched.  While the Me Too line maintains a classic uptown vibe, the Adam Tucker collection offers a younger, more casual Boho vibe.  Based in New York City, Adam Tucker and Me Too Shoes stays at the height of footwear fashion, all while maintaining a unique balance of fashion, comfort and sensibility.

For more information, please contact us at 1 877 638-6674.