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We've Got a New Look!

Have you been on our website recently? Well you might have noticed we have a brand new logo and website layout, all created with our loyal customers in mind! Our logo has changed a few times over the last several years, but this is our top favorite revamp! We hope that you like it as much as we do!! We also hope that our new website makes it easier for our customers to shop for your favorite shoes <3

Please keep the reviews and feedback coming to us - we love to hear from you & work hard every single day for you guys!

We are wrapping up finalizing all of the Fall 2019 collection and are so excited to share with you all very soon, but in the meantime we are enjoying our current selection We just released our adorable Alina Sliver Flat as a little Sneak Peek to Fall 2019! It comes in 7 colors & three different finishes:

Also coming soon are some beautiful new booties… okay, we are getting ahead of ourselves, let’s enjoy the summer months while we can!!

XOX Angie B., Olivia & the Rest of the Me Too Shoes Crew



Spring Is OFFICIALLY here!

Even if Mother Nature isn’t showing it, we can start dreaming of soft pastels, dreamy florals, and woven wedges.  Spring also means weddings, graduations, Easter, and various events that you will be on your feet! Why not be cute and comfortable at the same time?

One of our favorite styles from our spring collection that would easily get you through all those events you have to attend would be the Norina Sandal. The Norina has an ultra-low wedge, memory foam foot bed, and it comes in some beautiful neutral and metallic shades that could go with anything (even if you’re not going to any parties!)

Next, we might be slightly obsessed with the Abella sandal! It’s seriously the perfect everyday shoe. It has a pretty braided toe strap and platform style wedge that makes it super easy to walk in all day.

Lastly, we have the Bess and Brenna sandals. Both are slightly similar but different in their own way! They both provide the perfect spring espadrille wedge look to any spring outfit. Floral dresses, pleated skirts, crisp linen blouses; imagine the endless possibilities!

Tag us on Instagram to see the looks you created with our shoes! <3

@metooshoes & @adamtuckerfootwear

XOX Olivia & Angie B.



Fashion Week Streetwear

New York Fashion Week 2019 has just wrapped and, forget about the runways, it was all about the Streetwear! We personally love seeing what others put together as their statement outfits <3

This year brings us lots of bold prints, pattern-mixing (LOVE!), hair accessories are making a big comeback (YES!),  sleek silhouettes to oversized everything, and chic textured coats in the violet color palette <3

Don’t forget pairing loafers with dresses, floral on florals and that brown is undeniably the new black this season in footwear. Streetwear is such a great opportunity to see what’s really on trend to incorporate your favorite trends to existing pieces in your wardrobe!

A lot of beauty influencers have also put away the stiletto heels and opted for more comfortable footwear. Our Nova slip-on sneaker fits the bill of a versatile and comfortable shoe! It has a perforated leather detail to its casual cork welt detail can pair with jeans with a blousy top to a playful spring dress for a night out on the town.

We also have our Zara and Zita Mules -  talk about elevating your outfit, all while keeping your feet comfortable throughout the long days between work and play. These cool mules LITERALLY go with anything!

 Your outfit is definitely not complete without the perfect pair of shoes, so take a chance on these sneak peeks into what’s hot on the street &on Insta right now!

 XOX Olivia & Angie B.



New Year, New You, and New Shoes

Of course, what else but shoes?! So, have you watched the new Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix yet? It definitely put us in the mood for a closet cleanse! Especially after the holidays, when we acquired more items to put in our homes and closets. Going through all of your belongings can be daunting, like “Do I really have all of this stuff?!”.

We highly recommend taking a weekend this new year going through everything you own with the following tips in mind:      

  • Try everything on, Yes Everything!
  • Make a Keep, Maybe, and Donate Pile!
  • Does this item (ex: shoes, dress) work into your wardrobe for the new year?
  • Organize everything from your “Keep” pile in your closet or dresser!
  • Donate your old belongings to places like, Savers, Goodwill, or Salvation Army!

 Done organizing yet? Okay, well done.. now time to treat yo’ self!

There are some fun trends that can easily be introduced into your current wardrobe; nothing like a pair of classic loafers, like the Asia style can easily be worn from day to night. The Asia can elevate any look!

White colored shoes have been everywhere! Try adding a pair of our Romy or Nova slip-on sneakers, for a sporty casual look, or even try the Bess sandal for a classic girly style to go with those spring and summer dresses!

We can’t wait to see these looks created by YOU! Be sure to tag us on Instagram & Facebook @metooshoes and @adamtuckerfootwear!

XOX Olivia



Summertime in the City 2018

Summer has finally arrived in the city! We appreciate this newfound warm weather and so do many of you. You’ll see this appreciation of warm weather reflected in some of our most popular styles this season! We have lots of lighter colors and open-toed options for Summer 2018!

As someone who is relatively new to New York City, I have spent much of my time walking around, exploring restaurants, seeing tourist attractions, and of course, looking at SHOES! Too is spot on with their Summer Styles (again!) All of our Summer Styles provide the same comfort and trendiness!

Strappy sandals have taken formal and semi-formal events by storm, and the Payton has the perfect construction for this! Simple in concept, these strappy wedges will keep your foot supported comfortably all summer long.

If open-toed summer shoes aren’t your style (or your workplace’s style), Too has the solution for you! For example, I have seen many working women wearing our Jaci shoe, with a slight wedge heel, providing support and a professional look. This shoe will support you in all of your endeavors, whether you have a walk to work, around the office, or just outside enjoying the summer weather!

Be sure to check our ALL of our Summer Styles on the Me Too website! You’re guaranteed to find something you love and be satisfied!

- Jordan



Spring/Summer 2018 Shoe Staples

Spring and summer are quickly approaching and soon you won’t have to wear your winter boots any longer! It’s time for cookouts, summer concerts, and of course, pedicures :)

We definitely think you should have some of these shoe staples in your wardrobe for this upcoming warm weather…

The Bettina wedge sandal offers comfort and style for every outfit. This shoe included the traditional braided twine heel, leather straps around the foot and ankle, and of course MeToo’s signature cushioned sole. Whether you wear the Bettina with a printed romper or with denim shorts and a T-shirt, these sandals will elevate your look all summer long.

Next, the Bria wedge is definitely bringing back the platform style shoe, but in a chic and modern way. Of course the word “platform” seems threatening, but the Bria’s height is only three inches, making it a very walkable everyday shoe to wear with your favorite denim jeans or summer dress!

Now if you want a more casual look, but still want to elevate your overall outfit, the Yolo sandal might be your go-to shoe. These easy slip-on sandals will absolutely be your new favorite shoes! The Yolo has a low chucky block heel, opened toed style, and an added arch support in the sole. Your feet will be happy, while your outfit’s on point – it’s a win-win shoe situation <3

Of course there’s a ton of more styles to see on the Me Too website, so come see what shoe fits best for you!

XOX Olivia




On October 15th, Alyssa Milano posted a simple request on Twitter to her followers: “Me too. Suggested by a friend: “If all women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me Too.’ as a status, we might give people asense of the magnitude of the problem.”

It instantly spread like wildfire on Twitter as victims came forward and it continued through Facebook and Instagram as well. In twelve hours, twelve and a half million echos of #MeToo werehashtagged and posted around the globe on the various social media platforms. No one could have anticipated this kind of response and everyone was disheartened and also comforted at the same time. Outrage, sadness and hope were expressed by victims and supporters alike, united together, and one thing was clear to all: You are not alone, you are not at fault and there is always hope.

Women and men alike posted these two simple words: “Me too.” They hashtagged their posts #MeToo to share their own experiences of sexual harassment and assault, in hopes of de-stigmatizing the act of speaking out by demonstrating just how far-reachign this epidemic really is. In the past, we've swept these experiences under the rug, stayed silent, blamed ourselves and, at best, quietly warned friends and co-workers away from the most openly notorious offenders. People were now either openly speaking from their own experiences or clearly and lovingly supporting the people stepping forward to shed light on this issue that’s been hiding in the shadows for way too long.

We could not ignore the strength of this movement, as our namesake is Me Too Shoes. We felt helpless hearing about the horrendous circumstances and extremely traumatic events that had happened to so many people, strangers, family and friends alike, and we knew we had to do something about it. Instead of sitting back overwhelmed with grief and feeling powerless, we decided to reach out to A Joyful Heart Foundation.

It is not a coincidence that it is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There are so many people still standing from the sidelines suffering with these terrible circumstances right this minute, unable to speak up for themselves and ask for help due to shame, fear and hopelessness. There is so much more to do and we want to give them all a voice through the wonderful work that a Joyful Heart foundation. From Child Abuse and Neglect to Sexual Assault and Rape and Domestic Violence, A Joyful Heart extends its reach to all forms of violence and abuse. They are in the trenches every day, transforming people’s lives for the better through education, support networks and keeping government accountable for protecting its citizens through legislature improvements and changes. A Joyful Heart Foundation gives people hope where there seemingly is none and we want to be a part of that positivity and change.

Now through the holidays, we at Me Too Shoes will be donating 5% of each purchase on our website to A Joyful Heart Foundation to contribute to the transformative work they are doing in the world.

“Hope. Courage. Freedom. Fearlessness. All things are possible with an open heart – a joyful heart.” – Mariska Hargitay,Founder and President   

Learn more about what you can do here:

XOX Angie B. & all of us at Me Too Shoes <3